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How aggressive driving costs you money?

You often see people on the road weaving in and out of traffic, slamming their brakes on, and burning others off at the lights. But I doubt if the ever think about what it’s costing them in money. Often late at night your hear people doing burn outs, squealing tyres and leaving rubber on the road.

Excessive acceleration will cost you more in fuel, and with fuel always getting more expensive this is a waste of your money. Heavy braking wears done your braking discs and pads much quicker, costing $$’s again from your pocket. And when it comes to tyres, wearing them out faster is not very smart, as getting new ones will cost hundreds of dollars. Then there is wear and tear on the engine and the gearbox also. There are better ways to spend your money.

And finally, if you miss-calculate your weaving, braking, accelerating or tyre spinning and it causes an accident, you are probably going to be paying through your insurance and/or your own money. You always need to think through the consequences of any action that you do on a public street. Safe driving!

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