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Social responsibility

IMG_0591With the entire road safety programs launched across Australia and in fact the world, it still comes down to one main thing. Social responsibility!!

What does this mean? Well, we all have a responsibility to drive in a manner, which keeps us safe, all other road users, and including pedestrians. The way we drive impacts on everyone, whether it’s directly causing harm or through our taxes.

It is because of the lack of social responsibility, that we continually have our road laws strengthened, and harsher penalties applied. We need to be always fully focussed on our driving, trying to keep distractions to a minimum.

Alcohol, illegal drugs, some prescribed drugs, and mobile phones are some of the many distractions. Of course passengers can cause distractions, including children. Other distractions sometimes are outside of the car including looking at billboards.

Next time you get into your car, remember we are all sharing the road, even though sometimes you wonder, when you see others not be socially responsible.

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