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Why Traffic Safe

Learn to drive for life, not for a licence

Why Traffic Safe? Traffic Safe Driving Academy is the way to go if you want to stay alive and happy on the road for the rest of your driving life.

The ‘A’ for Attitude sets Traffic Safe apart from other driving schools, because it really makes the difference between safe, enjoyable driving – and just using a car to get around.

At Traffic Safe, your driving instructor will teach you the S.O.A. Principle: Skills, Observation & Attitude.

  • Skills

    You don’t need anyone to tell you that the right skills are critical – and it’s not as easy as it looks to co-ordinate a car’s controls!At Traffic Safe, through your driving lessons you’ll learn how to properly use the car’s controls, features and safety equipment, so that you can be confident and safe on the roads.

  • Observation

    No matter how good your skills are, you’ll never be a good, safe driver unless you learn to carefully and accurately observe what’s happening around you. Your driving instructor will continually encourage you in each driving lesson to sharpen this vital driving skill.Remember, it’s rarely the car you see that hits you…it’s the one you didn’t see!

  • Attitude

    If you’re angry, frustrated or in a hurry, or if you think you’re better than other road users, danger is just around the corner! Though it’s often overlooked, your attitude is a crucial factor in keeping you safe on the road. In your driving lessons we’ll give you the strategies you need to manage your emotions while driving, keeping the road a happier, safer place for you and for other road users.

* We are currently operating driving classes within the Eastern and Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne.

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