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The Thinker (Melancholic type)

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Before meeting William you knew he had a melancholic personality. He had booked in for five double lessons in the first week. He tells you he wants to learn properly, […]

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The Peacemaker (Phlegmatic-type)

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As a child Clare was very quiet, causing no trouble and is always eager to please. Her gentle, peace loving nature hates being under any kind of pressure. She has […]

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The Goer (Choleric type)

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Jim’s focused, confident approach is a real challenge to the instructor, who may have trouble keeping up with Jim’s pace. Before the instructor has time to outline the lesson, Jim […]

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The Actor/Actress (Sanguine type)

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Jane’s easy-going, talkative personality has gained her many friends. She had plenty of driving experience with them and won’t usually need many lessons. She grasps concepts quickly but can’t be […]

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