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The Actor/Actress (Sanguine type)

Jane’s easy-going, talkative personality has gained her many friends. She had plenty of driving experience with them and won’t usually need many lessons. She grasps concepts quickly but can’t be bothered with detail. During a lesson she might spot a friend driving or walking nearby. This gets her all excited and she will try to get their attention. Being a people person, a sanguine loves being on stage.

A bus stop full of waiting passengers, cars at lights or even just a pedestrian provide a ready audience. Suddenly the windscreen wipers start operating in bright sunshine, indicators flash right, then left, then right again (How do I turn them off??) The accidental tap on the horn gets heads turning in our direction.

What fun we are having! Jane just brushes it off in her happy-go-lucky style, while the instructor feels like tearing his/her hair out. Just join in the laughter. No lecture about the dry windscreen ruining the wiper blades. Why spoil the fun?

When the show is over, Jane will charm the instructor with praise for the expert tuition given so patiently (and how we love to hear it). Lessons with the Janes in this world are seldom boring and time goes fast. She will be one of those surprising you with a little kiss on the cheek after she has passed her test.

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