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The Goer (Choleric type)

Jim’s focused, confident approach is a real challenge to the instructor, who may have trouble keeping up with Jim’s pace. Before the instructor has time to outline the lesson, Jim has already completed the cabdrill and is asking , where do you want me to go? This confidence can be misinterpreted as cockiness. It is off-putting to some instructors.

Jim, in his quest for knowledge asks lots of questions. He may even argue on some points. The instructor wonders, who is teaching who? Keep the goer on the go. Jim hates just driving around and gets bored easily. Invent challenges such as:

  • ‘See if you can get four out of six turns correctly!’
  • ‘Try to park correctly twice in a row,’
  • ‘Please do a three-point turn, I will check if it’s licence test standard.’

His competitive nature makes him excel. There is a tendency to pick on the slightest fault to counteract Jim’s overconfidence. Deep down you will find he is rather touchy and gets easily discouraged.

Driving too fast is one flaw in his behaviour. He is goal-oriented and tends to take risks. These attributes make him a top achiever at school, but on the road he has to learn to keep things under control. An instructor has to be patient with Jim’s impatience. The focus should stay on Jim’s good points. In time Jim will slow down and form a more realistic view of his abilities or lack thereof. Or last customer, Clare, will bring us back to a slower pace.

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