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The Peacemaker (Phlegmatic-type)

As a child Clare was very quiet, causing no trouble and is always eager to please. Her gentle, peace loving nature hates being under any kind of pressure. She has a controlled, even temper and even if the instructor raises his or her voice Clare does not seem to be moved. Ask her, if she finds it hard to make decisions, she’ll reply: ‘Yes and no.’ Clare is content being led by her instructor, who must be careful not to stay equally content to just tell her what to do and when to do it. This may avoid stress on both, but progress will be very slow.

Where Jim, the goer, had to learn that the accelerator can get him into big trouble, Clare needs to experience that speed can also get her out of trouble. Staying calm, when a truck behind only avoided a smash by braking sharply, is ignorant bliss. Waiting behind a parked bus may show great patience, but what if the driver is having his lunch? It is a delicate balancing act between pushing her to progress and to just let her learn at her own pace.

Any ambition an instructor has to teach someone in record-braking time should not be attempted with a phlegmatic student. It may turn them off completely. Clare will never develop into a racing car driver. Yet, her steadfast, dependable character should keep her crash-free for many years.

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