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The Thinker (Melancholic type)

Before meeting William you knew he had a melancholic personality. He had booked in for five double lessons in the first week. He tells you he wants to learn properly, which means he expects perfection. At the posh school William attended, they showed car-crash videos. The graphics affected William to the point that he took five years to find the courage to enrol in driving lessons.

Teach him to apply the handbrake firmly and you will have trouble releasing it afterwards. A thinker type does not waste many words. To lighten the conversation you ask if he plays sport. After a long silence (as if you had asked him about the meaning of life) his answer is a typical ‘one word says it all’: ‘Tennis’.

Being a logical thinker it is best to explain things methodically to William. His exact mind will love ‘pull-push steering’, the ‘System of Car Control’ or the ‘Moving-off’ procedures. His parallel parking is spot on. Traffic situations which involve judgment (lane changing, turning onto a busy road, etc) take him longer to learn. Judgment cannot be learned with a formula. Forever analyzing and striving to get it right, hinders William’s decision making and slows his progress. Because melancholic people are quiet and give the appearance of being upset, instructors often try to cheer them up, quiet unnecessarily.

Despite his lack of feedback William’s computer brain has stored the information given. He will make a good no-nonsense driver. A lesson with William seems to drag on, the instructor getting tired of hearing his own voice. Don’t let this stress you, our next pupil is charming Jane.

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