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120 hours is not just about accumulating a total

With the advent of logbooks around Australia accumulating driving hours have become quite a chore for many parents. Even though the outcome has positive spinoffs for road safety, it still has to be done properly to have the desired result of a better driver. The temptation is to do it the easy way, doing lots of short trips to school and shopping or many long trips, but what is needed is as much variation as possible.

The other dilemma especially when the budget is tight is to skimp on professional driving lessons. Unfortunately most States don’t reward for professional driving lessons with a reduction of log hours required, which is a pity. Driving lessons by an instructor are valuable in passing on good driving tips which often parents are not up with.

Fudging the numbers in the logbook may also be a temptation by some parents and/or learners, but in the end it is short-changing the learning process and is potentially putting the new driver at risk through inadequate training. Remember provisional drivers are at the highest risk in the first six-months by themselves. The better the training the better prepared they are as they enter this high-risk period.

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