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I encountered a friend, who had previously worked in our office and come back to have 200 photocopies taken for his occupation. Initially I was reluctant, because he did not offer to pay for them. But after a while I gave in and handed the job to my secretary. Everything would have gone well, had the gentleman not forgotten his car keys at the reception desk. He placed the 200 copies on the roof of his car and went back to get his keys. Minutes later my secretary came into my office and questioned, what was going on. The photocopies she had done for me were all strewn around the company carpark. It looked like we had a snowfall in midsummer. White pieces drifting slowly over the landscape. While I was stooping down, collecting each copy one by one, I was sure all my colleagues were watching me. I was called to the big boss to explain and pay for the copies. Can you believe, this friend still owes part of the money for the photocopies? With friends like this, can you blame me for migrating to Australia? Teach your learners not to place anything on top of the car – never ever!

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