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What should I do when I have an accident?

If you have an accident it is up to you to fulfil your legal responsibilities. You must always stop and never just drive off. If your vehicle is un-roadworthy as a result of the accident you must not drive it away.

If any injuries are involved, then police and ambulance need to be called. If there is any conflict, then police should be called in this case too. If there is any property damage and the owner is not present, police need to be called also.

You must exchange names, addresses, registration numbers and insurance company details. But do not accept liability, as this is up to your insurance company to make that determination.

Taking a photo of the scene can be useful for your insurance claim, which you need to lodge as soon as practical.

If you have any post accident aches or pains, see your doctor immediately. Then notify your insurance company of your health concerns.

BUT… remember do your best to stay out of accidents. Not only can they hurt you and others physically, they can be very expensive, especially if you are at fault. It’s not just the damage to your car, but the lose of the car while getting repaired. Always make sure your car insurances are up to date and your car registration is current. Also regular car servicing helps prevent mechanical failure, which can lead to an accident.

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