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The Challenge of Learning to Drive

As each person reaches the age to take on this new skill it is often approached in different ways depending on the teenager. Sometimes with trepidation, some times with anticipation and sometimes with excitement. After a few drives often self-confidence kicks in, with the thought a billion or more people do this task everyday it can’t be that difficult. Mix that with lack of life experience, a general sense of invincibility and danger is just around the corner. It is the first time a teenager gets to do a totally adult thing legally with so much promise of freedom. The trouble is driving is more complex and multi-tasked that most people think and distractions occur regularly. Also parents often forget the difficulty they experienced when learning plus may not teach as they themselves drive, therefore sending mixed messages. It should not be do as I say, but don’t look at what I do. Patience is needed in bucket loads and also professional help sort from an early stage. Undoing wrong techniques takes longer to undo, than starting correctly. The same is correct in every form of life skilling. Plainly put ‘you reap, what you sow’. Happy learning!

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