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How to cope with other impatient drivers

One of the first frustrations in the learning process is other impatient drivers, not only for the learner, but also for the supervising driver. So how do we cope with this? Firstly try to not inconvenience other road users. Start initial skilling in quiet areas, if you need to go slower to gain confidence stay over to the left when possible.

Sometimes other drivers can be aggressive for aggression sake. Road rage is unfortunately becoming an increasing problem. If you suffer road rage try not to react if possible. If they start tailgating you don’t drive home but head towards the nearest police station, because if you go home they know where you live. If they don’t let up, as the supervising driver you could ring 000 on your mobile and get help.

A little wisdom and pre-planning goes a long way. You can even get magnetic ‘L’ roof signs to make you more visible. Try to understand other road users especially when it is peak traffic times.

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