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Courteous driving is it a lost art?

The more traffic we get on our roads, the greater seems the stress level of many drivers. This is particularly happening in our cities and bigger towns. The busy times of the day 7am until 9.30am and 3pm until 6.30pm often brings out the worst in the normally average person.

The question is, does all that aggression improve the traffic flow, or just add to your own blood pressure. We, all at times get frustrated on the road. Someone not indicating his or her intentions, pulling out at the last minute, the list goes on. Sometimes it’s a case taking a deep breath before reacting. The author is no different.

So, next time someone does something, which appears to be irrational on the road in front of you, maybe take a deep breath. They maybe just having a bad day. The other thing is, maybe it will be us next time doing what is an irrational manoeuvre in front of someone else.

Another thing which is always good to do, is being aware of other cars wanting to pull out of sides streets in heavy traffic and also, those wanting to change lanes. Letting them out is nearly always appreciated by that person and often can make their day. A wave of acknowledgement to the driver who has given you that courtesy is always appreciated.

Have a great Day!

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