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Defensive Driving

What is defensive driving? Many people think it is something you learn after getting your licence. Sometimes it gets confused with advanced driving. So what is the difference? And when does my teenager need to learn defensive driving?

Advanced driving is about car control, especially learnt using a skid-pan. One of the problems with the advanced approach for young people, is they are more likely want to try out there skid control techniques, which can be of more danger than if they had learnt how not to get into skid and hazard situations in the first place.

Now defensive driving is all about learning to drive in such a way that lessens the chances of getting into skid and hazard situations. It is not rocket science and is best learnt from the start of learning to drive. It can basically be summed up in the following tips:
Mind on the job, Hands on the Wheel, Eyes on the Road, Feet under Control and Taking Responsibility. If your teens’ driver trainer can get these basic concepts into your teen, they have gone a long way to laying down some good habits to keep them safe for the rest of their driving life.

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