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Driving test nerves and nine ways to overcome them

These tips have been shown to be very useful to learner drivers preparing for the big day and the stress that often accompanies it.

(Adapted and translated from – used with permission).

  1. You will pass. Both instructor and pupil must be convinced that the result will be a pass. An attitude ‘lets have a go at it’ may produce a pass, but is exhausting on the nerves.
  2. Do a practice run. We use the term ‘Mock Test’. The instructor should be very realistic and the student must take it reasonably seriously.
  3. Get the timing right. Try to book the test so it does not coincide with other stressful events (just prior to school exams or in the middle of wedding preparations etc).
  4. Don’t tell people. If everyone knows you are going for the test, you create the additional stress of trying to live up to your friends’ expectations.
  5. Don’t listen to ‘horror stories’. There are many stories about failed tests. Some may even be true. Just concentrate on your performance. (see also ‘How to pass the test’).
  6. Take last lesson as warm up for test. The test lasts only 1/2 hour or so. Warming up for half of that time, may show enough mistakes, that you fail.
  7. Don’t take pills to calm your nerves! This only slows your reaction and performance.
  8. Examiners are only human. Your test is one of possibly ten on the officer’s sheet that day. Don’t try to please him/her. Examiners get paid for passes or failures and are usually fair in their judgement.
  9. You do not need to be perfect. Don’t set your standard too high. Concentrate on the essentials.

The examiner doesn’t know how you feel, only HOW YOU DRIVE !

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