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How to get free lessons

Many need a little help when learning to drive; some need a lot of help. From time to time governments run programs to benefit in the process. One such program is called ‘Keys2drive’ it is a Federal Government initiative to help parents and new learners get some help and information to assist in the process of getting your drivers licence.

Keys2drive is a free lesson given by an accredited driver trainer. The parent/supervisor needs to accompany the learner on the 60-minute driving lesson. In the lesson tips are given in how best to teach your teenager, this is done by theory and practical demonstration. The instructor is re-reimbursed by the Government for the lesson conducted. To find out more go up on the Keys2drive website for further information.

Another program run in some States is the L2P program. It is especially designed to help those not able to easily find someone to supervise the learners’ logbook hours. In the program you will get some professional lessons, a Keys2drive lesson, plus a volunteer mentor who helps with the rest of your logbook hours. Many municipal councils run these programs, so why not find out if your council can help out, if you are one who may qualify?

Some charities help with those who are needy and who may need help in this area. Some driving schools also have some programs that maybe able to be accessed. It never hurts to ask. But remember driving schools are businesses and are not charities. But, if they can’t help they may know where you are able to access these services.

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