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A Very Important Word

What word am I thinking of? It has 8-letters, starts with ‘a’ and, as far as driving is concerned, it’s more important than car handling skills or knowledge of road rules.

The word is ATTITUDE

Our attitude toward all of life – money, food, people, the opposite sex etc – shapes our thoughts, which become the catalyst for our action! A wrong attitude toward the responsibility of driving a motor car can cost you, your passengers or another motorist his or her life.

Here are five wrong attitudes that come to mind (there are many more).

  1. Car crashes happen to silly, careless drivers. I’m too smart for that.
  2. Learners have to have a crash. That’s the way to learn a lesson.
  3. My friends will admire me, when I get my licence. Then I can really impress them!
  4. I’m a learner driver, so other traffic just has to watch out for me!
  5. Why pay all that money for a driving school, when mum or dad can teach me?

You may be a new driver or have driven for many years without accidents. It pays to stop and think occasionally: Deep down, what really is my attitude toward life? As far as road safety is concerned it can save you a lot of heartache and money.

Road safety authorities keep reminding us: Road Safety is NO ACCIDENT!

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