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Learning needs to be long, wide and deep

As we mentioned about in the last tip, the learning process needs to be varied. It is all about long, wide and deep learning.

‘Long’ is all about repetition, practicing over and over again driving skills. It might be gear changing, mirror checks, lane-changing, stopping and starting, turning the car around in a confined area
(3-point turns), 90 parking, reverse parking and the list goes on.

‘Wide’ is all about as many different situational driving experiences as possible. Experiences should be country driving with unmade roads, hill climbs, suburban streets, city driving, freeways and highways including local, state and inter-state journeys. Also driving in rain, fog and at night are of a great advantage.

‘Deep’ is all about the learner, learning to make their own decisions, which means the parent gradually encouraging their kids to think through judgement calls in traffic and evaluating if they could have made a better decision when moving into, out of, or around traffic. Self-supervision and self-evaluating, helps them as they prepare for life after the driving test.

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