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Mobile phones and GPS’s

With the advance of technology we have many wonderful devices literally at our figure tips. They help give us connection with the world that our great grandparents would have thought were only an idea from science fiction.

But with these great inventions comes danger, when mixed with the complex nature of driving a motor vehicle. They are becoming a major source of distraction to the driver, which can bring devastating consequences. So, because of this we need to vigilant.

There are rules now for the use of mobile phones, which include being hands-free and mounted in a holder. There is no excuse for drivers not complying. The cost of a holder with a suction cap to affix to the windscreen can be very reasonable purchased from an auto accessory store. Bluetooth speakers either purchased separately, or now incorporated into newer car means the phone can be accessed without having to handle it.

Of course, provisional drivers in most states now have restrictions on the use of the mobile phone especially in the first year. It is your responsibility to know the laws affecting this in your State.

As for GPS use, these should be set to go before taking off, so there is no need to touch them once you are moving.

The placement of both devices should always be taken into account, so that they do not impede your view of the road ahead. In some States they are legal requirements on their placement.

Finally, it is our responsibility, to be at all times, alert to the road ahead, beside and behind. If we allow ourselves to be distracted, the result could be dire, and could cause us to regret our inattentiveness for the rest of our lives. We must all use technology wisely.

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