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Night driving

Driving at dusk, dawn or night is totally different to driving in the daylight. As light conditions change our perception of distance alter and judging distance becomes more difficult.

New drivers can find driving against headlights wearying, and learning to not look directly at the oncoming lights helps. As for cars following the use of the night vision position of the rear view mirrors helps against glare into your eyes.

If, when driving in the country you are using the headlights on high beam you must dip them as traffic approaches from the distance. High beam is generally not allowed within town limits.

When pulling out into and across traffic caution must be used as you get used to judging distances at night, as it is different than in daylight. Add rain and this gets even more difficult with glare off the road surface. Fog and mist create even a greater hazard. Better to be cautious than dead.

This is why you there is a requirement to have a minimum number of hours night driving before taking your driving test.

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