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Orange Lights

When it comes to traffic lights the orange, (or as in some countries is known as amber) is often misunderstood in law. An orange traffic light is not an extension to the green light, but a warning of the red light about to come on.

The orange light means, stop if safe to do so, not go through if possible. For the learner trying to get the timing right when to brake to stop or continue, is one of the biggest issues for them.

A guidelines to help is, if the light has been green for a time while you are approaching, anticipate the light will be changing soon, so slow a little on approach. Also another tip is, that when making a decision if to stop or not, look first in your rear vision mirror, because if you have a vehicle following close behind (especially a large truck) and you brake suddenly, you might become a mascot on their front radiator. Not a pleasant experience!

Remember a minute or two on your journey because you stopped at the traffic lights, is not a big thing compared to being in an accident. Again just because it might be the other drivers fault that they ran into you, does not alter the fact that your car may still be off the road for a time, and even worse you could end up in a wheel chair. Caution is the best policy when dealing with traffic lights.

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