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How to pick a driving school

Effective driving lessons are an important factor in becoming a safe driver. There is much more to driving lessons than passing the test to get a licence.

Some driving schools give driving classes and don’t keeps records or provide a debriefing. All instructor should keep track of what has been taught and how the student has performed during previous driving lessons.

A quality driving school will conduct an assessment as part of the first driving class. Subsequent driving lessons will be based on the needs uncovered during the assessment. Individual driving lessons will focus on the areas that need improvement.

For beginner driving classes, this could be the basics of car control and general moving in traffic. More advanced driving lessons will take students into heavier traffic and teach them the skills such as timing lane changes.

For effective driving classes,the instructor should have a running sheet that objectively scores and tracks skill levels.

Skills should be taught at all driving classes. When it comes to observation, most driving lessons should cover the observation skills that tests require, such as checking mirrors and blind spots when changing lanes.

Driving classes that go beyond what’s required for the test and cover other important observation skills. These include observing side streets when driving and watching for pedestrians in the distance. Driving schools that emphasise the whole driving experience, not just the test criteria, provide the skills for a lifetime of safe driving.

Finally, most driving schools fall short when it comes to teaching the right attitude. It’s important to look at what makes people impatient on the road, and how to prevent this when driving. Learning about attitude during driving lessons will prepare the student for mistakes made by other drivers. Instead of lashing out when being cut off in traffic, the person with the right attitude will ask why the other driver acted this way and think about how to avoid being a victim of someone else’s mistake.

Driving lessons are not all the same. When considering driving classes, look for driving schools that provide structure, feedback, and go beyond the skills required for the driving test.

Driving lessons should teach you how to drive for a life, not for a licence.

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