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Why do we have road rules?

As we start learning to drive we soon find that not only do we have to master the controls of the car, but we also need to learn to obey a new set of rules. Often we hear complaints about this road rule or other not realising we have road rules for very good reason. The basic reason for road rules is so that we have order on the road. Just imagine if everyone did what he or she wanted to do it would be anarchy, which is the same for life in general.

The basic road law we have to learn is the give way to the right law, this law comes into effect when there is no sign at any junction we come to in our vehicles. Other signs like give way and stop plus traffic lights over-ride this basic law. Where we can stop, where we can park, where we overtake, and many other laws, we can find out about by purchasing a Road Law book at a State Road Licensing Office.

Finally, speed limits are set down by the following certain criteria: built up area roads in Australia have a basic 50km limit, school are generally 40km often time specific, 60km roads are usually arterial routes with a line separating opposing traffic, 70km roads usually have a median strip separating traffic, and finally 80km roads usually have median strip separation plus residential housing is on a service road. There are of course other varying speed limits including work areas and main highways have 100km, 110km and in the Northern Territory 130km speed limits.

So, as you can see driving is more than controlling a vehicle, it is also about inter-relating with other vehicles on the road so as to arrive safely at your destination.

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