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How to select a good driving instructor

As a learner driver, about to spend a considerable amount of time and money on driving lessons, you expect to receive the best possible tuition. The personality, dedication and experience of an instructor is vitally important. They may vary greatly, even within the same driving school that employs a number of instructors.

It goes without saying that if you pay money you are taught by a qualified, licensed instructor. Here is a list of further factors, which may influence the time you will take to learn and the standard of your teaching:

Is the vehicle in clean and sound condition?

A good tradesman takes pride in his tools. To a degree, instructors demonstrate by the standard of their vehicle how much price they take in their job.

Does it have dual-controls?

Stay away from an instructor who boasts he/she does not need dual controls. It is not only dangerous, but may lack situations, whereby instructor allows advanced leaners to deliberately have to judge heavy traffic. Such dangers will be avoided, because there is little room for mistakes by the learner.

Is it air-conditioned?

In Summer in Australia this is a must!

Does the instructor appear well groomed and enthusiastic?

As in all workplaces when dealing with the public, the standard of dress and the way the professional treats the client, are indicative of the quality of service.

Is the lesson time utilized for solid teaching, or time wasted?

Of course there are times, when a leaner just needs to drive to practice what has been taught. But just driving around, as two actors in a silent movie, is not the best method of learning to drive.

Does the instructor record progress and keep you informed?

A professional instructor, possibly teaching a few dozen students at a time, ought to keep basic records of what has been covered and the standard reached. If he/she has a curriculum, even better, since it allows for a lesson plan. (This is the thought behind the log-book method of driving). Does the instructor answer your questions?

Is he/she using effective teaching techniques and/or visual aids?

An instructor drawing complex diagrams may be teaching you. But a visual aid, where diagrams are already at hand, save lots of time and are a better way to communicate between instructor and pupil. (I invented such a visual aid and sold hundreds around Australia).

A conscientious instructor will teach not only to pass the driving test, but pass on techniques for crash avoidance. An instructor who pushes you to undertake the driving test, but you feel not ready, is not doing you a favour.

Likewise, if an instructor advises against taking the test, trust his or her professional judgement, unless you feel you’re being taken for a ride (pardon the pun).

If you find during your learning that much of the above is lacking, find another instructor; likewise if there is a personality clash. The most experienced of instructors are only human. You will progress quicker, if you feel comfortable with your teacher.

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