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From supervised to self supervising

This is where professional training can help make this transition easier for the parent. A good driver trainer will give the learner confidence and the essential skills to help them make judgement calls. Decision-making is a big part of driving and the licensed driver makes hundreds of decisions every day. For the parent with no controls on their side of the car they can feel very vulnerable and are tempting to make all judgement calls for their kids.

The trouble with making judgement calls on behalf of the learner driver, especially towards the end of their logbook phase, is the fact that on getting their licence they are totally unprepared. It’s like training wheels on a child’s bike, there is a time when they need to be taken off. The secret is, that early on in their training, you need to start asking questions of the learner, how could you have done that better? Making them think through their actions and how they could do it better in the future will help them problem solve on the road when they are licensed.

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