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What is defensive driving?


Often defensive driving gets mixed with advanced driving. Put simply when you do an advanced driving course, this involves amongst other things, how to get out of a skid. There are differing viewpoints regarding the usefulness of teaching this technique to young drivers. In many cases it can lead young drivers wanting to experiment with these learnt techniques later on the open road.

But now back to what defensive driving is. Simply it is teaching drivers how not to get into skids in the first place.

Three main reasons for skidding are, excessive speed into a situation, too heavier braking or erratic steering. Obviously there are other causes like, slippery roads etc., but again the three causes above should help out, in not getting into a skid in these conditions in the first place. Another cause of getting into accidents is lack of awareness and observation. And finally, attitude or headspace is another aspect in defensive driving. When looking for a driving school for learners, or wanting to up-skill as a licenced driver, look for one, which teaches with this philosophy in mind.

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