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Driving Simulator Overview

What makes the Simworx driving training simulators the best?

The Simworx Driver Training simulator utilising state of the art formatted software is ideal for teaching young drivers to drive. Driver training is faster and cheaper in our simulators compared to the traditional methods. For that purpose they offer a complete driving simulator system. They have two styles of cockpit simulators. A portable system and the SX06 complete studio unit, with three 42” Plasma display panels. The fixed position studio simulator features a real world steering wheel with H pattern gear shift, clutch and brake pedals, handbrake, indicator stalk, light switch and seat belt. Automatic cars are also catered for. The student is seated in a real adjustable car seat and is surrounded with a 5.1 Dolby sound system. Three 46” high-resolution display panels give the student a 180-210 degree horizontal field of view. The images are presented at a very high frame rate in HD. The operator has an integrated user interface whereby they can control assignments and assess student’s progress.

A total of 30+ lessons are included in both simulators with 3D Dolby sound as standard, resulting in a more realistic traffic experience. The operator has full control of lesson format from his own console. The traffic system is very advanced, and results in highly realistic traffic scenarios. With challenges such as Freeway on and off ramps, freeway on ramp merging and lane changing in high-density traffic, which includes trucks, is covered extensively. Overtaking scenarios on normal roads is another area covered within the lessons format.Many of the lessons occur in high traffic density in built up areas, on motorways and highways. There are lessons involving Fog, Rain, Snow and Nighttime driving.

Simworx Driver Training Curriculum

Important elements of training that make a difference

The driver training curriculum covers more than 30 lessons, varying from 5 to 28 minutes each. The most important characteristics of the curriculum:

  • Virtual Instructor (VI) gives advanced feedback on driver errors and observes behaviour of the student continuously.
  • Student Assessment System (SAS) generates detailed reports of student progress.
  • Strength/Weakness analysis provides quick overview of strong points and weak points of skill development.
  • Very complete training program for driver training.
  • Didactics promotes automation of driver skills.
  • Training emphasises safe driving.
  • Lessons are specifically developed for Australian Conditions

Overview of the lessons

The lessons and training exercises are found in the following modules. Each module has a variety of driving scenarios which are grouped as listed below.

  1. Vehicle Control
  2. Traffic Participation
  3. Special Circumstances
  4. Training Modules
  5. Optional: Impairment module

*Our Impaired Driving module can be ordered as an option with the standard Lesson program. Please refer to separate reference sheet

  1. Vehicle Control
    During the instruction (I) lessons, the proper order of actions is trained in a number of cases. These are procedure training lessons. The Virtual Instructor (VI) then ‘tells’ the trainee what to do, and the trainee is expected to perform these actions. Simultaneously, there’s often a popup on the centre display that lists the complete order of actions.
  2. Traffic Participation
    Traffic participation is a more advanced topic that addresses more complex skills such as:Perceptual skills related to looking at and detecting hazards, traffic signs, other road objects
    Recognizing signs and other traffic participants and decide which rules apply
    Multitasking in which the student has automized vehicle control skills in order to be able to give sufficient attention to traffic related tasks

    A sufficient level of automation of vehicle control skills is needed in order to be able to pay sufficient attention to traffic related tasks. Traffic participation is generally much more difficult and attention demanding, compared to vehicle control. Accidents are more often related to breakdowns in traffic-related tasks than to insufficient vehicle control skills. For beginner drivers, it is important to learn these tasks well enough to prevent them from sudden information overload in case traffic complexity increases.

  3. Special Circumstances
    These are more advanced lessons related to reduced visibility, slippery roads and night driving. These lessons train aspects of driving that are not so easily trained in a real car in the real world. Reduced visibility caused by fog, rain, snow or night conditions can be optimally trained in the driving simulator. Slippery road conditions caused by icy roads and snow is also a special condition that is often hard to train in the real world.
  4. Training Modules
    Traffic Participation and vehicle control is covered for students more advanced in the training modules.
  5. Impaired Driving module
    Simworx have developed a specific Alcohol/Drug lmpaired Driving module for their Driver training Simulators that shows graphically the effects of driving a car at a BAC around .09 – .10. This is aimed specifically at young drivers. The module has a story line and goes through various scenarios. This module can be supplied separately to our standard lessons program.

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