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Fritz was cruising on the Autobahn near Frankfurt/Germany at 180 km/h in his BMW. He turned up the radio a notch and reduced speed to 160 km/h as he listened to an announcement:

“Police warns all motorists travelling on the A 1 between Mannheim and Frankfurt to beware of a ghost driver, travelling north in the left hand lane. We repeat…” (Ghost drivers enter the Autobahn in the exit ramp in error).

Fritz looked up. Something seemed not right. He looked again and then saw it. A horrible fear gripped him. In raw panic he forgot all road laws, picked up his mobile phone and dialed the radio station. They did not answer quickly enough, so he phoned the police emergency number. When an officer answered Fritz blurted out in great distress: “Not just ONE ghost driver, there are dozens of them!”

And the moral of the story: Examine yourself before worrying about everyone else.

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